introducing Citifyd for Business

Imagine having more customers at the tip of your fingers…

Imagine having more customers at the tip of your fingers…

Introducing Citifyd for Business

A new way to engage with
your customers.

With Citifyd for Business, you can engage with customers through proximity-based offers that validate the cost of parking. Encourage new and returning customers to patronize your business, all while promoting a more lively and active city.


Citifyd for Business is launching now in Pasadena, California. Sign up today to have first dips at attracting new and old customers, and help support the growth and sustainability of local commerce.

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How Citifyd for Business works


Create your offer
Create validation offers for when customers buy a specific item, purchase a minimum amount, or simply spend time in your business


Purchase credits
With prepurchased credits, you only pay for offers the moment they are redeemed. No billing cycles or late fees: it’s all on-demand.


Attract customers
Your validation offer will be promoted to all Citifyd parkers in your area, growing your customer base and business.

A flexible validation system built for you

Customizable offers for your customers
Create offers that work with your business, and adjust them at any time to match your customer’s needs.

Control your offers in real-time
Quickly activate or deactivate validation offers with the flip of a switch, or schedule them to appear at specific times.


Only pay for what works
No subscription fees. No up-front costs. Validate your customers only when they redeem your offer.


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Sign up to be one of the first businesses to participate in the Citifyd for Business soft launch now, and experience a new way to attract and retain customers.

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