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Put your space to work

From driveways, to lots, to parking garages, it’s easy to rent parking spaces of any size with Citifyd. Setup is simple. Just open an account, post your property, and schedule availability. Earn extra cash renting your parking space when you’re not using it.

Put your space to work

Let’s take the frustration out of parking. Learn how you can use Citifyd to find and purchase parking right now, to even weeks in advance. It’s all about peace of mind: no circling, no meters, no worries. Just find it, book it, and park it.


Make your space
work for you.

Citifyd lets you put your space to work. From driveways to parking garages, you can rent your property to people looking for a parking space. You can set your price by the hour, or set a fixed rate for the day.

Monitor in real time.

It’s all about right now. Quickly activate or deactivate your property, track who is parked now, and even review who has parked in the past. With Citifyd’s in-app and web dashboards, you’re in control.

Be in control of accessibility.

Set when and how long people can park in your space. Adjust rates for nearby events, and plan well into the future. With Citifyd’s built-in calendar, you can create and adjust availabilities that match your schedule.

We’re here to help.

No need to sweat the small (or even big) stuff. Citifyd’s support team is here to help with any issues you encounter with our app and to answer any questions. Reach out at 503-688-2111 or

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How it works


Post your property through our app. Include a photo and instructions, and set your rate.


Schedule when your space is ready to rent, and monitor accessibility, performance and availability. 


Earn extra cash that is deposited directly into your bank account. No checks to cash, no payments to validate.

How it works

Providing with Citifyd

Listing your space(s) is easy. Simply click on sign up above to set up your property. Our system will walk you through creating a schedule and setting prices that work for you.

Nope. Listing property is absolutely free. When Citifyd users park in your space, your earnings, after service fees, will be deposited into your account! Voila!

Yes. Pricing can be either hourly or flat-rate for a set time period.

It depends on your rental rates and the popularity of your space(s). When you list your property with Citifyd, you are in charge, and there’s no limit!

Absolutely! We have partnered with a number of local charities and non-profits. If you want to donate your earning to one of them, just give our customer support a call. We are happy to help you set that up.

From the seller’s dashboard in the app, you can see who is renting your space(s). The make, color and license plate of the Parker’s vehicle will be visible to you for the duration of their parking session. If a different vehicle is parked in one of your spaces, call Citifyd Customer Care for help with the situation.

Yes. You manage all details for renting each of your properties independently, including the precise availability of each property.

Citifyd is merely a platform to connect Parkers and parking Providers and to facilitate rent transactions between them. The Provider and Parker in each transaction, and not Citifyd, are each responsible for the consequences of their own decision to enter into the rental transaction. For more information about responsibilities and liabilities, see Citifyd’s Terms of Service & Use.

Probably yes, assuming it is not specifically prohibited in your rent or lease agreement. In listing each property with Citifyd, you must confirm that you have the legal right and authority to rent out the space(s). For more on this subject, see Citifyd’s Terms of Service & Use.